Release Notes - Sesame - Version 2.7.1 - HTML format


  • [SES-744] - Exception from SPARQLResultsXMLParser drops the cause
  • [SES-1782] - Repository id with '@' causes error in workbench on update/file upload/clear operations
  • [SES-1799] - "Include inferred" and "Save privately" checkboxes ignored when saving queries
  • [SES-1801] - ParserConfig.addNonFatalError fails due to unmodifiable set
  • [SES-1804] - RDFParserBase.reportError needs to check value for setting before checking isNonFatalError
  • [SES-1807] - Add DatatypeHandler implementation for DBPedia datatypes
  • [SES-1808] - Add DatatypeHandler implementation for Virtuoso Geometry datatype
  • [SES-1815] - shutdown/redeploy of workbench results in lock exception for query repository
  • [SES-1818] - Regression When Checking for Reflexive Property
  • [SES-1819] - SPARQL Property Path query on Dataset with multiple contexts fails to return all results
  • [SES-1822] - Upgrade to jQuery 1.9.1
  • [SES-1824] - Trig parser fails to parse literals starting with two single/double quotes
  • [SES-1830] - UTF-8 BOM mark causes Rio parsers to fail
  • [SES-1835] - RepositoryConnectionWrapper does not synchronise ParserConfig references

New Feature

  • [SES-1810] - Add Rio.parse static methods to parse directly to a Model
  • [SES-1812] - Add Rio.write static methods to serialise a collection of statements


  • [SES-1814] - Move info.aduna.iteration package to sesame-util module


  • [SES-1779] - Use BitSet marking in the ZeroLengthPathIteration for the Native Store instead of a HashSet
  • [SES-1825] - Support chained datatype and language normalisers in RDFParserBase


  • [SES-1802] - Check language before datatype for serialisation

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