Release Notes - Sesame - Version 2.7.2 - HTML format


  • [SES-985] - Unable to retrieve literal with invalid language tag
  • [SES-1453] - Query-based Custom Inferencer
  • [SES-1763] - Lack of clarity in how to access public SPARQL endpoints from within Workbench/Console
  • [SES-1796] - Shared queries saved by other users are visible, but "Execute" and "Edit" buttons don't work
  • [SES-1797] - Errors occured during load
  • [SES-1811] - Query panel in workbench doesn't work with non latin characters using POST
  • [SES-1821] - Parsing of RDF retrieved from server should not fail on incorrect datatypes
  • [SES-1831] - SesameHTTPClient does not set username and password.
  • [SES-1834] - Workbench and console should not use strict verification when reading remote server response
  • [SES-1837] - exploring a literal value with an xsd datatype results in 'malformed value' error when xsd namespace is not declared in store
  • [SES-1839] - Explore page shows a small red rectangle on Chrome browser.
  • [SES-1846] - Workbench SPARQL Results XML response for ASK query is invalid
  • [SES-1849] - select query double execution through openrdf workbench
  • [SES-1851] - Result content type from server for SPARQL describe queries is invalid
  • [SES-1853] - SPARQL parser fails on W3C test syntax-update-1/manifest#test_54

New Feature

  • [SES-1805] - Allow creation of SPARQLRepository from Workbench


  • [SES-1772] - RepositoryConfigSchema should be moved from repository-api to repository-manager

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