Release Notes - Sesame - Version 2.7.3 - HTML format


  • [SES-1854] - Newest version of Chrome breaks "Saved queries" page
  • [SES-1857] - Expected 'ref' parameter in request.
  • [SES-1860] - Results parsers must work without handlers
  • [SES-1863] - Workbench doesn't display server in header section
  • [SES-1865] - HTML doctype string would help Workbench play nicer with modern browsers
  • [SES-1867] - Inconsistency in NativeStore BTree indices after transactional update operation
  • [SES-1868] - Deprecated results parse methods with no handler do not fail parse for valid, non-matching, documents
  • [SES-1869] - SPARQL Results TSV parser does not call endQueryResult
  • [SES-1872] - QueryJoinOptimizer joinvisitor.selectProjection fails to grab projection in Order/Slice


  • [SES-1856] - Add support for multi-line quotes in handling of Turtle templates.
  • [SES-1864] - Extend Rio.parse and Rio.write
  • [SES-1866] - Allow users to specify that the XML PI is not to be printed


  • [SES-1875] - Add SPIN vocabularies
  • [SES-1877] - Remove local SPIN vocabulary constants from CustomGraphQueryInferencer

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