Release Notes - Sesame - Version 2.7.4 - HTML format


  • [SES-888] - Sesame SPARQL engine misinterprets half-unbounded path length expressions
  • [SES-1734] - Support for HTTP HEAD
  • [SES-1844] - SPARQL Results+XML Parser Drops Trailling Whitespace
  • [SES-1870] - Support line and column numbers for errors in RDFParserHelper.createLiteral
  • [SES-1883] - "Persist" field in create-memory-* is not rendered as row header
  • [SES-1887] - N3 Parser error on language tag
  • [SES-1889] - Missing binding parameters on SPARQLUpdateOperation
  • [SES-1891] - Constant (uncontrollable) growth of BTree index size in NativeStore due to empty nodes
  • [SES-1895] - Query "Results Per Page" broken if user includes all caps LIMIT keyword
  • [SES-1897] - Odd and inconsistent parsing behaviour
  • [SES-1898] - GroupGraphPattern with non-optional after optional not processed correctly
  • [SES-1900] - TurtleWriter does not renders string literals beginning with "\n" as multi-line literals
  • [SES-1902] - Memory store may not register iteration in some circumstances
  • [SES-1905] - may fail to close result

New Feature

  • [SES-1842] - Create a new SAIL inferencer for user-defined rules leveraging existing query language support
  • [SES-1885] - Support GeoSPARQL datatypes


  • [SES-1706] - Remove support for {min,max} property path length spec from SPARQL parser


  • [SES-747] - Rio parser always stops on error when creating statement object
  • [SES-1876] - DESCRIBE query does not return blank nodes closure
  • [SES-1884] - Make RDFHandler optional for Rio RDFParser implementations
  • [SES-1896] - Introduce algebra operator for set membership


  • [SES-1878] - Required Matcher query in CustomGraphQueryInferencer can be made optional
  • [SES-1879] - Need Custom Graph Query inferencer template and workbench page for an underlying NativeStore

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