Release Notes - Sesame - Version 2.7.6 - HTML format


  • [SES-887] - Sesame SPARQL parser does not handle infix operator ^ correctly
  • [SES-959] - RDF/XML parser fails on relative URIs in rdf:datatype for empty nodes
  • [SES-1073] - Property paths match failure with 2-steps symmetric pattern
  • [SES-1692] - VALUES in OPTIONAL returns incorrect query results
  • [SES-1838] - 'show data types & language tags' checkbox on the Explore page has no effect
  • [SES-1859] - Inverse property path parsing bug
  • [SES-1913] - Sparql IN Operator does not work properly
  • [SES-1914] - Incorrect validation of xsd:time
  • [SES-1915] - XMLDatatypeUtil.normalizeFPNumber should automatically convert large float mantissa values
  • [SES-1919] - count in SERVICE query doen not include infered triples
  • [SES-1920] - RDF/XML parser incorrectly trims element data for (literal) property nodes
  • [SES-1922] - Incorrectly parsing a sequence path having group element and followed by Value constant


  • [SES-1053] - Allow Functions access to the TripleSource

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